• Kids Classes

We have Kids classes age 3 - 5, 6 - 9 and Teens class (see timetable for details)

• The kids class is a fun filled introduction to the basic elements of BJJ, lots of energetic games, team and confidence building. A great way to starting your young ones in Martial Arts.

• The Teens class is focused on the basic techniques of BJJ, in a fun environment your child will learn confidence, self defense skills, become fitter, stronger and healthier and learn discipline and make lifelong friendships.

• Adults Classes

Adults Classes are split into Basic and Advanced, Gi and No Gi (see timetable for details)

• Basic Class teaches both men and women the fundamentals of BJJ. You will learn basic techniques, locks, chokes, dominant guards and defense. 

• Advanced Class rolls on from the Basic Class where you will be taught high level techniques. At the end of the class we simulate the scenario we have been learning in what is known as "rolling" where you lightly spar with a partner to put the techniques you have learned to practice. 

• Gi Class allows students to use the Gi (BJJ Uniform) within the Martial Art itself. You will learn to use both your and your opponents Gi to your advantage by way of choke, defense, grip and leverage.

• No Gi class is just that; a class where you are free to wear sports clothing and not the BJJ Gi itself. You will learn techniques that are adapted from traditional BJJ where use of yours or your opponents clothing in offense or defense is not permitted.  


Tel: 0433 004 609 (BJJ & No Gi)
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